Affiniti CRM, the intelligent CRM software built to keep up with all your diverse customer relationships at all customer journey touchpoints, smoothly, and efficiently.

We offer a simple yet powerful CRM solution that encapsulates organizational strategy with smart processes and tools to deliver better customer experience and drive sales. Seamless integration with all customer engagement touch-points facilitates customer data compilation, interaction analysis, lead harvesting and sales funnel management.

Engineered to build lasting relationships, Affiniti CRM simplifies lead origination and conversion of inquiries to sales. Using the latest technologies, we have made getting and keeping customers, the key functions of sales and marketing, that much easier.


AI/ML Powered
By utilizing sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms, Affiniti CollectPlus can scrutinize customer behavior patterns and pinpoint the optimal collection techniques that enhance the efficiency of the collections process.
Centralized Touchpoints

Track and manage all interactions in one place, reducing lost revenue due to dispersed interactions.

Streamlined Service Requests

Manage all service requests, complaints, and inquiries in one place, improving service levels and preventing escalation.

Real-Time Insights

Get real-time visibility into sales KPIs for informed decision-making based on accurate data and insights.

Customizable Workflows and Automation

Customize workflows and automate routine tasks to free up time for high-value activities.

360-Degree Customer View

Access customer portfolio and engagement history for faster handling with at least 2 minutes of AHT.

Customer Satisfaction Tools

Collect feedback and track satisfaction levels to reduce churn rates.

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Analyze customer data to create targeted campaigns for improved ROI while reducing costs.

Cross-selling and Upselling Opportunities

Identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling by analyzing customer data.

Enhanced Collaboration

Provide a centralized platform for communication and information sharing, improving collaboration and productivity.

Business-Specific Scalability

Easily customize the system to fit your business needs and keep up with changing demands.


Affiniti CRM is 100% mobile friendly, empowering the sales force and management to be real-time updated always.




Integrates with all data sources and consolidates customer and transactional data for single-click analysis. E.g. ERP, Core Banking, Operations Support Systems, Business Support System, etc.


Compile customer data from dispersed systems to consolidate interactions and easy analysis


Fully automated workflow manager to enable Complaints tracking, Service Request enablement or any bespoke customer journey implementation.


Built-in Dashboards and Reports along with the flexibility to integrate with any leading Bl tool to offer unprecedented customer and sales analytics


Seamless integration with all customer touch-points, including but not limited to Call Centre, Social Media and external web sites to analyze customer interactions and harvest leads


Keep track of the sales funnel across organization hierarchy with 100% visibility


Dynamic customer segmentation with integrated digital campaign planning, execution and campaign efficiency analysis. Cross-selling and up-selling prediction enables automated opportunity recognition.


Empowering front-line sales force with on-the-go lead capture, updates and conversion traceability recognition.

Affiniti CRM, our award-winning customer relationship management solution, adds value through artificial intelligent technologies assisting you to maintain healthy client relationships, and customer experiences, that improves overall business performance.


Efficiency Improvement


Cost Minimization


Performance Visibility