Affiniti Collect, the award-winning collection & recovery management software build specifically for SMEs, ensures a smooth end-to-end management of your receivables.

With seamless integrations across leading ERP systems including, but not limited to Microsoft D365, SAP, and Oracle, Affiniti Collect offers a unified solution that has proven capability of managing end-to-end collection and recovery journey of overdue invoices.

The degree of automation Affiniti brings to your collection and recovery processes can substantially reduce the stressful, repetitive, and voluminous activities handled by staff members. The reduced workload will enable them to engage more with critical customers to offer a higher quality service and strengthen the collection process.


Zero Manual Intervention

Affiniti Collect eliminates the need for manual intervention in the collections process, improving efficiency and reducing errors.

Guaranteed 5%+ Roll Rate Improvement

With its AI and machine learning capabilities, Affiniti Collect guarantees a roll rate improvement of 5% or more, leading to increased collections and improved cash flow.

Positive Cash-Flow Impact

Affiniti Collect ensures a positive cash flow impact by preventing negative cash flow, thanks to its accurate and efficient collections management.

1 Customer 1 Call

Affiniti Collect enables businesses to resolve customer payment issues in a single call, improving customer experience and reducing the need for multiple follow-up calls.

2 Minutes Average Handling Time (AHT)

Affiniti Collect offers a quick and efficient collections process, with an average handling time of at least two minutes, reducing the time and cost associated with collections.




Integrates with Core Banking System, Card Management System, ERP or Data Warehouse to analyse the full lending portfolio


Provides a 360-degree customer credit view within a single dashboard including payment history and customer scoring


Automates the collection & recovery journey commencement & subsequent escalations across different collection officers & departments with strict SLA monitoring


Manages the age bucket classification and assigns leads accordingly for prompt follow-up


A wide spectrum of Dashboard representations & pre-defined set of reports for Top management, Risk Managers, Credit Controlling/ Monitoring Units & Collection Agents


Sends automated notifications through diverse channels including SMSs, emails & letters to customers & staff to alert, remind & avoid delays

Built specifically for the needs of Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs), our time-tested intelligent solution, Affiniti Collect makes a substantial difference in quality, productivity, and profitability of your collection and receivables portfolios.


Efficiency Improvement


Expense Tracking


Portfolio Quality Improvement