Technology that

can reinforce rewarding



AFFINITI is built and being continuously improved to assist your organization to keep relationships intact and rewarding. Focusing on multiple touch points we enable the customer journey a pleasant and a memorable experience for both the customer and internal stakeholders with state-of-the-art technology.

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Affinit is a platform that helps organizations to deliver. In an era where organizational success is measured through customer satisfaction, Affiniti CRM is geared to add value to the customer engagement journey without compromising the financial goals. Affiniti delivers a fully fledge industry-centric customer relationship management solution driven on modular architecture and strictly aligned towards the business objectives of the client organizations to service their clientele. Solution encapsulates process simplification and standardizations pertaining to servicing, sales, and marketing strategies to deliver a user-friendly, yet powerful platform with industry-leading technologies and best practices. The platform enables automated service scheduling and the end-to-end fulfillment journey, with milestone-based traceability.

The open and layered architecture of Affiniti has made the solution easy to maintain and scalable to cater to future solution expansions. Comprehensive Affiniti CRM comprises multiple modules, which are highly cohesive, yet loosely coupled to deliver the full freedom of solution tailoring and deployment as you see fit to your business need

Increased Sales

Automated lead harvesting of Affiniti shall ensure all opportunities are captured and allocated to sales team for prompt follow-ups

Touch-point consolidation

Affiniti integrates with all customer touch-points/ channels and consolidates the interactions

Process optimization

System ensures SLAs pertaining to all services are tracked and escalated when missed

Customer 360

Affiniti integrates all dispersed systems to seamlessly illustrate the single click customer portfolio view.

Sales KPIs

Analytics of Affiniti portray the performances of all stakeholders in the sales process for timely decision making



We invite you to explore the case studies we have developed in partnership with our clients. These surely will give you an in-depth perspective of our approach, ingenuity, and capabilities to deliver a cost-effective solution within tight timelines.



Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) is a multi-award winning financial institution with a history of over twenty-five years, ranked within the top five largest licensed financial institutions among 46 Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) in Sri Lanka.

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Vallibel Finance is an enterprise which leads the way in bringing to our customers innovative, value for money financial solutions. Having reached the milestone of successful business operations over a period of 13 years, the Company's growing excellence is testament to the hard work and dedication

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