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AFFINITI enables end-to-end process automation of collection and post-NPL recoveries for banks and financial institutions, thus minimizing the manual intervention of business users, while maximizing the efficiency of delinquency management. Solution adds value under diverse verticals to maintain a healthy lending portfolio and most importantly to deliver better customer experience. Unique solution offerings of Affiniti comprise of AI enabled Risk Matrix Scoring (ARM), Credit worthiness tracking, proactive Early Warning Signals to further strengthen the process with delinquent clients to understand their hardships, automated process execution and collection optimization.

The value proposition of Affiniti addresses to the bottom line of any bank, bringing down costs, efforts and improving FTE utilization and shifting the accountability of delinquent accounts to respective clients, while adhering to process compliances.

In order to achieve the aforementioned, Affiniti encompasses numerous modules, which can be plugged-in or detached as per the business need and implementation approach of client organization.