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AFFINITI makes debt collection an easy and enjoyable task. It removes the inherent unpleasantness of the recoveries by automating the processes using cutting edge technologies. Our time tested solutions can make a substantial difference in quality, productivity and profitability of your loan portfolios.

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AFFINITI is built and being continuously improved to assist your bank to keep relationships intact and rewarding. Focusing on multiple touch points we enable the customer journey a pleasant and a memorable experience for both the customer and internal stakeholders with state-of-the-art technology.

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AFFINITI is the result of co-designing and co-development of suites of technology solutions that address the core functions of financial intermediation. Striking the right balance of mobilizing of deposits and lending can be a nightmare with shattered customer relations and inefficient receivable management. The impact of failure can have a profound impact on your portfolio quality, profitability, ratings, stability and brand equity. AFFINITI is the pragmatic application of cutting edge technologies to reinforce the core functions of managing relationships and ensuring timely collections.

AFFINITI is unique in its approach in the use of technology. It is superior in adoption to changes in the banking landscape. It goes beyond the stringent security standards as Affiniti is born with Secure by Design concepts and practices. Using bigdata analytics and machine learning AFFINITI brings unmatched insights to your bank to ensure attracting and retaining a delighted clientele while assuring healthy portfolios.

Automated payment slippage detection

Built-in recovery bots will continually monitor the entire lending portfolio for payment slippages and shall trigger actions without manual intervention

Assignment of risk ownership

Based on the organization's strategy in dealing with its recoveries, system shall assign the risk owners to take proactive actions

Timely follow-up

No delinquent account shall be left behind. System shall monitor the progress of follow-ups and shall monitor the SLA violations with escalations.


Affiniti will track the fulfilment of PTPs and when breached, shall automatically escalate for subsequent actioning

Unified Platform

Affiniti encompasses end-to-end collection and recovery strategy facilitation through a single platform, including collections, dunning actioning and litigation.



Increased Sales

Automated lead harvesting of Affiniti shall ensure all opportunities are captured and allocated to sales team for prompt follow-ups

Touch-point consolidation

Affiniti integrates with all customer touch-points/ channels and consolidates the interactions

Process optimization

System ensures SLAs pertaining to all services are tracked and escalated when missed

Customer 360

Affiniti integrates all dispersed systems to seamlessly illustrate the single click customer portfolio view.

Sales KPIs

Analytics of Affiniti portray the performances of all stakeholders in the sales process for timely decision making


We invite you to explore the case studies we have developed in partnership with our clients. These surely will give you an in-depth perspective of our approach, ingenuity, and capabilities to deliver a cost-effective solution within tight timelines.



Citizens Development Business Finance PLC (CDB) is a multi-award winning financial institution with a history of over twenty-five years, ranked within the top five largest licensed financial institutions among 46 Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFI) in Sri Lanka.

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The state-owned housing bank, HDFC uses AFFINITI COLLECT PLUS to harness the benefits of cutting-edge digital technologies in managing its receivables. Borrowers scattered all over the country are ubiquitously monitored by our solution resulting in drastically improved collections and positive bucket movements.

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